Neat Services

Need to verify data from your scans?
NeatVerify is like having your own personal assistant to double-check your data!

Data Verification Service

NeatVerify ensures 99% accuracy for the key data automatically extracted from receipts, invoices and business cards. It’s perfect for faded receipts or handwritten totals, such as a restaurant receipt with an added tip. The verification process only takes a few minutes and, once verified, your items will appear in your Neat inbox.

Depending on your Neat subscription plan, you receive up to 100 credits included. Premium software plans come with 30 credits and Business software plans come with 100 credits. Purchase additional credits below.

Upgrades for Premium Plan


NeatVerify® - 60


*60 total credits/mo.


NeatVerify - 120


*120 total credits/mo.

Upgrades for Business Plan


NeatVerify - 200


*200 total credits/mo.


NeatVerify - 400


*400 total credits/mo.

Note: Additional NeatVerify credits can only be added to Premium or Business Plans. Lite and Trial plans are not eligible to upgrade their NeatVerify plan. NeatVerify for invoices is only available on a Business Plan.


NeatVerify will allow you to verify mobile captures, scans, uploaded files, emailed receipts, and more!

Within minutes, your item is reviewed by one of our experts, who makes sure the parsed information in Neat matches what’s on the original. After the verification process is complete, your item will appear in your Neat inbox—safe, secure, and verified for accuracy.

How it Works

Depending on your subscription plan + NeatVerify plan, you will have up to 400 total credits per month. If an image cannot be verified (because the image is too blurry, etc.,) no credit will be used. Credits are per month and do not roll over or accumulate.

*When upgrading a NeatVerify plan, previously used credits will be deducted from additional credits purchased.